Article titled African Museum Casa del Rey Moro

African Museum Casa del Rey Moro

Proudly inviting visitors to “experience 6,000 years of African world history”, the African Museum Casa del Rey Moro is located at 2471 Congress Street in San Diego, California.  Its content is centered upon the past and present of the Africa ... Continue Reading
Article titled Musée Boribana

Musée Boribana

Located at Rue NG-34 in Ngor, northwest of Dakar, in Senegal, the Musée Boribana is the only museum in the country whose mission is centered upon modern African art. It was founded and curated in 1997 by acclaimed anthropologist, Boubacar K... Continue Reading
Article titled The Obsidian Collection

The Obsidian Collection

The Obsidian Collection is an initiative that seeks to enlighten present and future generations by preservation and dissemination of images of Black life sourced from Black legacy newspapers and Black photographers. All too often, Black newspape... Continue Reading
Article titled Black Archives of Mid-America

Black Archives of Mid-America

Located in the Horace Peterson III Building at 1722 E. 17th Terrace in Kansas City, Missouri, the Black Archives of Mid-America serves as a repository of materials centered upon Blacks in America, especially of Kansas.  Founded by Horace Pe... Continue Reading