Article titled Desmond’s (1989)

Desmond’s (1989)

Set in the Peckham community of London, England, Desmond’s centers upon the family and professional life of Black barber Desmond Ambrose (Norman Beaton).  Married to Shirley (Carmen Munroe) and father to Michael (Geff Francis), Gloria (Kimbe... Continue Reading
Article titled A Man Called Hawk (1989)

A Man Called Hawk (1989)

A Man Called Hawk is centered upon the lead character who simply goes by the name of “Hawk” (Avery Brooks).  A handsome, powerful and spiritual African-American man, he is wise, disciplined and cultured.  He practices martial arts as well as ... Continue Reading
Article titled Stompin’ at the Savoy (1992)

Stompin’ at the Savoy (1992)

Opening in New York City during the late 1930s, Stompin’ at the Savoy is centered around the friendship of four African-American women, Dorothy (Vanessa Bell Calloway), Alice (Jasmine Guy), Pauline (Vanessa Williams) and Esther (Lynn Whitfield). ... Continue Reading
Article titled Thomasine and Bushrod (1974)

Thomasine and Bushrod (1974)

Set in the American South circa 1911, this film is centered upon lovers, J.P. Bushrod (Max Julien) and Thomasine (Vonetta McGee).  Both are disgusted at the rampant exploitation by Whites who are wealthy capitalists and those who corrupt the l... Continue Reading
Article titled Book of Numbers (1973)

Book of Numbers (1973)

Set during the 1930s in Arkansas, Book of Numbers actually begins with Dave Green (Philip Michael Thomas) walking in a funeral procession a la New Orleans style.  Dave, who also serves as the film’s narrator throughout, shares his regret settlin... Continue Reading
Article titled Uptight (1968)

Uptight (1968)

Set in Cleveland, Ohio during 1968, Uptight is centered upon Tank (Julian Mayfield), an African-American man who previously worked at a local steel mill.  Single, poorly-educated, formerly-convicted and unemployed, his excessive drinking allow... Continue Reading
Article titled Proud Mary (2018)

Proud Mary (2018)

Set in Boston, Massachusetts, Mary Goodwin (Taraji P. Henson) is a professional assassin who works for Benny Spencer (Danny Glover), leader of his own crime syndicate.  On an assignment to eliminate bookie Marcus Miller (James Milord), an enemy of... Continue Reading
Article titled To Sleep with Anger (1990)

To Sleep with Anger (1990)

Set in South Central, a community in Los Angeles county, California, To Sleep with Anger is centered upon an African-American family.  Headed by Gideon (Paul Butler), the patriarch, the foundation of the family is his wife, Suzie (Mary Alice).... Continue Reading
Article titled Sister, Sister (1982)

Sister, Sister (1982)

Set during the late 1970s in a rural North Carolina town, Sister, Sister is the story of the three Lovejoy sisters, Carolyne (Diahann Carroll), Frieda (Rosalind Cash) and Sistina (Irene Cara).  Daughters of a supremely conservative pastor and ... Continue Reading
Article titled …tick…tick…tick… (1970)

…tick…tick…tick… (1970)

Set in the late 1960s, Jim Price (Jim Brown) has recently been elected sheriff of his small town community, Colusa County.  Price, an African-American, understands that, despite his monumental win, racism of some in his community runs deep sti... Continue Reading