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A Man Called Hawk is centered upon the lead character who simply goes by the name of “Hawk” (Avery Brooks).  A handsome, powerful and spiritual African-American man, he is wise, disciplined and cultured.  He practices martial arts as well as boxing, performs on the vibraphone and plays chess with his mentor, Old Man (Moses Gunn). 

His home is decorated beautifully, resplendent with luxurious décor, literature by African-Americans, portraits of Blacks and African art.  Driving an ebony BMW 635CSi, Hawk is always stylishly-dressed, wearing attire of exotic hides, rare furs and vibrant African textiles.  His accessories include his kufis emblazoned with Kente cloth, scarfs of Bambara mud cloth and a silver, long-barreled Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver.

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