Issue 23

Article titled Hale Woodruff

Hale Woodruff

“A first generation artist of the New Negro Movement, Hale Aspacio Woodruff created paintings, prints, and murals that depict the historic struggle and perseverance of African Americans. Though some of his work, such as his Afro Emblems ... Continue Reading
Article titled Bisa Butler

Bisa Butler

“Butler is elevating the status of her subjects by making portraits, and also elevating quilting - which is an African American craft tradition - by adding portraiture to it.” ~ Glenn Adamson, craft scholar, curator and writer Born in 197... Continue Reading
Article titled Desmond’s (1989)

Desmond’s (1989)

Set in the Peckham community of London, England, Desmond’s centers upon the family and professional life of Black barber Desmond Ambrose (Norman Beaton).  Married to Shirley (Carmen Munroe) and father to Michael (Geff Francis), Gloria (Kimbe... Continue Reading
Article titled A Man Called Hawk (1989)

A Man Called Hawk (1989)

A Man Called Hawk is centered upon the lead character who simply goes by the name of “Hawk” (Avery Brooks).  A handsome, powerful and spiritual African-American man, he is wise, disciplined and cultured.  He practices martial arts as well as ... Continue Reading
Article titled Papa Rozier Farms

Papa Rozier Farms

Located at 96 Knickerbocker Avenue in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, Papa Rozier Farms opened its store doors in 2018.  Haitian American siblings Rubens Amedee and Fredeline “Freddie” Amedee-Benjamin created the boutique store as o... Continue Reading