Rated Not Rated

Set in the Peckham community of London, England, Desmond’s centers upon the family and professional life of Black barber Desmond Ambrose (Norman Beaton).  Married to Shirley (Carmen Munroe) and father to Michael (Geff Francis), Gloria (Kimberly Walker) and Sean (Justin Pickett), much of the series occurs in either the Ambrose home or his barbershop. 

Desmond constantly complains of the terrible things of life in England and promises to return to his beloved Guyana.  Shirley, wise, no-nonsense and loving, has no intentions of going back to their home country.  Reared in Peckham, the children have aspirations of their own.  Michael, who often has to have his arrogance humbled, works as an assistant manager of a local bank.  Gloria, while uninterested in school, is giddy about fashion, music and boys.  The youngest, Sean, does well academically but has become fascinated with hip-hop culture and wants to be a rapper.

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