Rated R

Starring: Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown, Neal McDonough and Danny Glover

Rated: R Action, Crime, Drama

Set in Boston, Massachusetts, Mary Goodwin (Taraji P. Henson) is a professional assassin who works for Benny Spencer (Danny Glover), leader of his own crime syndicate.  On an assignment to eliminate bookie Marcus Miller (James Milord), an enemy of Benny, her attention is caught by Danny (Jahi Di’Allo Winston), her victim’s son who does not see her.  Guilt-ridden, Mary later voices her desire to quit to Benny.

Over the following year, Mary has watched an orphaned Danny from afar.  He is struggling, trying to survive by living the dangerous and illegal lifestyle among the hustlers in Bean Town’s mean streets.  Her observations allow her to glean that he works for Uncle (Xander Berkeley), a local druglord.  When a transaction with a customer goes awry, Danny is later beaten by Uncle for taking part of the money in order to survive.  Danny is later robbed of his bag and in trying to get it back, he ultimately passes out, unconscious.

When Danny regains consciousness, he is alarmed to discover he is in the luxurious but industrial loft of Mary, who he does not know.  However, Mary’s offer of aid, including medical attention, food and a place to stay, is readily accepted by Danny.  Later, her personal errand to confront Uncle about Danny leads to the deaths of the minor boss and several of his men.

Soon after, she accompanies Benny; his son, Tom (Billy Brown), and Walter (Neal McDonough) to a meeting with their enemy and Uncle’s nephew, Luka (Rade Serbedzija).  Luka, another mob boss, suspects that Benny and his crew murdered his uncle.

As both crime factions battle to discover the truth, Mary is scheming to stay one step ahead of being discovered and permanently eliminated as their problem.  Complicating her life are her desires to leave Benny’s criminal enterprise; her relationship with Tom, who also is her ex-boyfriend; and her hope to tell Danny the truth and do right by him.

Will she be able to start her life anew … or will being “Proud Mary” come at too much of a cost?  Viewers will want to see this action-packed drama to find out!

While Proud Mary did not do well at the box office, it has been gaining a following primarily due to the elite acting of Taraji P. Henson.  This movie has earned a “B+”, on an “A+ – F” scale at CinemaScore, a marketing firm centered upon film research, including audience surveys and box office predictions.  The production company, Screen Gems, released this film and it was distributed by Sony Pictures.

Nominated for five awards, Screen Gems’ work on Proud Mary won the ReFrame Stamp Award for “Best Feature” in 2019.

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