Located at 1116 Phillips Street in Augusta, Georgia, the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is the only museum dedicated to African-American history in the Central Savannah River region.  Its mission, as per its website, is “to promote the legacy of Ms. Lucy Craft Laney through arts and history and by educating and exposing children and adults of Augusta, the State of Georgia and beyond to the arts, history, literature and leadership through exhibits and programs.”  It also includes honoring the legacy of accomplished African-Americans in Augusta as well as developing “numerous community outreach initiatives that include exhibitions, lectures, youth camps, and tours of Augusta’s historic Black sites.”

Opening in 1991, the museum is located across from the original site of the Haines Normal and Industrial Institute in the Laney Walker North Historic District.  It is housed in the former of home of Lucy Craft Laney, one of the premier educators of African-Americans in the history of Georgia.