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Article titled Premium (2006)

Premium (2006)

Set in California, this film is centered upon Reginald “Cool” Coolidge (Dorian Missick), an aspiring actor.  He constantly seeks his opportunity for a breakout role that he feels is respectful of his talents and ambitions.  In the duration, h... Continue Reading
Article titled Bucktown (1975)

Bucktown (1975)

In this thrilling film set in the early 1970s, Duke Johnson (Fred Williamson) has arrived to Bucktown, a rural town in the American South, to bury his brother.  He soon discovers from locals, including Aretha (Pam Grier) and Harley (Bernie... Continue Reading
Article titled The Gordon Parks Foundation

The Gordon Parks Foundation

Located on the first floor at 48 Wheeler Avenue in Pleasantville, New York, the Gordon Parks Foundation is an incredible institution that preserves the legacy and promotes the vision of this African-American Renaissance man.  The mission ... Continue Reading
Article titled Frankie Manning Foundation

Frankie Manning Foundation

The Frankie Manning Foundation was founded to honor the work, life and legacy of Frankie Manning (1914-2009).  A dancer, choreographer and innovator, he perhaps was the best known representative of the Lindy Hop, a highly energetic dance! ... Continue Reading
Article titled BLACKListed Culture – Sounds XXV

BLACKListed Culture – Sounds XXV

“There are all forms of it that we forgotten … I want to remind people that Black music is amazing …” ~ Robert Glasper Regardless of trials, triumphs do occur, and blessings are beautiful … Aretha Franklin – “I Never Loved a M... Continue Reading
Article titled Martin R. Delany

Martin R. Delany

“I thank God for making me a man, but Delany thanks Him for making him a Black man.” ~ Abolitionist, orator, author and statesman, Frederick Douglass On May 6, 1812, in Charles Town, Virginia (presently located... Continue Reading
Article titled Patricia Roberts Harris

Patricia Roberts Harris

“Patricia Roberts Harris is one of those quiet warriors whose life stands as a testament to excellence, tenacity, and commitment to change.” ~ National Museum of African American History & Culture On May 31, 1924, a baby girl ... Continue Reading