Issue 17

Article titled ‘Til Death Do Us Part (2017)

‘Til Death Do Us Part (2017)

Michael (Stephen Bishop) and Madison (Annie Ilonzeh) Roland are a beautiful model of Black love.  The perfect married couple, they have it all: love, success in their careers, wealth, products of luxury and a beautiful house.  The one thing c... Continue Reading
Article titled N-Secure (2010)

N-Secure (2010)

David Alan Washington (Cordell Moore) is a fantastic catch: he is handsome, affluent, wealthy and accomplished.  However, all those do not distract from his insecurities, which he disguises and overcompensates for with his controlling behavior... Continue Reading
Article titled Compton Cowboys

Compton Cowboys

Located in the South Central area outside of Los Angeles, the Compton Cowboys is a collective of African-American friends who united to carry on the historical tradition of Black horsemanship.  Their mission, according to their website, is to ... Continue Reading
Article titled Jim Beckwourth Museum

Jim Beckwourth Museum

Located at 1820 Rocky Road in Portola, California, the Jim Beckwourth Museum is a log cabin that, according to the City of Portola website, was “constructed of ‘V’ notched logs of the typed used in the area where Beckwourth grew up.” Lo... Continue Reading
Article titled BLACKListed Culture – Sounds XXXXI

BLACKListed Culture – Sounds XXXXI

“There are all forms of it that we forgotten … I want to remind people that Black music is amazing …” ~ Robert Glasper Hold on … and hold your head high … Your Moment is Impending! Little Richard – “Send Me Some Lovin’”E... Continue Reading
Article titled James Beckwourth

James Beckwourth

“Jim Beckwourth was an African American who played a major role in the early exploration and settlement of the American West.  Although there were people of many races and nationalities on the frontier, Beckwourth was the only African Americ... Continue Reading
Article titled Azie Taylor Morton

Azie Taylor Morton

“She was a no-nonsense kind of woman but at the same time a caring woman … She taught you that you could be a woman and an African American and succeed regardless of the obstacles before you.” ~ Dawnna Dukes, Texas state representative in ... Continue Reading