Rated PG-13

Starring: Annie Ilonzeh, Stephen Bishop, Robinne Lee and Taye Diggs

Rated: PG-13 Thriller

Michael (Stephen Bishop) and Madison (Annie Ilonzeh) Roland are a beautiful model of Black love.  The perfect married couple, they have it all: love, success in their careers, wealth, products of luxury and a beautiful house. 

The one thing ceasing it to be a happy home and life, Madison feels, is a child of their own.  She desperately wants a baby but Michael doesn’t share Madison’s enthusiasm.  Although they have been trying, the Roland couple have been unsuccessful.

Continuing to remain optimistic, Madison leaves her career to devote herself to being a wife.  However, the more time that she spends at home, the more she discovers aspects of Michael that she never knew.  As he begins to reveal his true character, she concludes that she is in for more than she ever imagined.

When she discovers that they are expecting, she is excited but Michael becomes even more a changed man from who Madison loved.  Frightened, she now regrets her decision to quit her job.  In cahoots with her best friend and nurse, Chelsea (Robinne Lee), Madison secretly gains a position working at a local hospital.  She plans to escape the maniacal clutches of Michael.

As she struggles to save her life and their unborn baby, Madison is going to need all the help, including from a new friend, Alex (Taye Diggs), she can get to defy her marital vow of “’til death do us part”!

Released in theaters, ‘Til Death Do Us Part underperformed at the box office.  The independent film had been written and directed by music manager and record producer Christopher Stokes.  Its screenplay was developed by singer and actor Marques Houston, who also produced the film. 

In February 2018, the thriller premiered on BET, gaining a new audience.  Later that year, Gravitas Ventures made ‘Til Death Do Us Part on Blu-ray and DVD available for purchase.

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