Issue 11

Article titled Roy Wilkins

Roy Wilkins

“You have proved to be one of the great leaders of our time.  Through your efficiency as an administrator, your genuine humanitarian concern, and your unswerving devotion to the principles of freedom and human dignity, you have carved for yourse... Continue Reading
Article titled Alexa Canady

Alexa Canady

“Dr. Canady is a true pioneer who has devoted her distinguished career to caring for underprivileged children and breaking barriers that stymie access to healthcare.  Her commitment, perseverance and exemplary service to her community are a ... Continue Reading
Article titled Killer of Sheep (1978)

Killer of Sheep (1978)

This independent film revolves around the life of Stan (Henry G. Sanders), an African-American who works in a slaughterhouse.  Set in the predominantly Black-populated community of Watts in Los Angeles during the mid-1970s, it presents Black l... Continue Reading
Article titled BLACKListed Culture – Sounds XXXV

BLACKListed Culture – Sounds XXXV

“There are all forms of it that we forgotten … I want to remind people that Black music is amazing …” ~ Robert Glasper Life has its myriad of turns … Grand gratitude for growth to excel beyond these turns!! Fred Wesley and the Hor... Continue Reading
Article titled The Obsidian Collection

The Obsidian Collection

The Obsidian Collection is an initiative that seeks to enlighten present and future generations by preservation and dissemination of images of Black life sourced from Black legacy newspapers and Black photographers. All too often, Black newspape... Continue Reading