Issue 22

Article titled Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery

Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery

Founded by J. Justin and Gwen Ragsdale in 2002, the Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery (LWF) is considered to be the only museum in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area that contains artifacts utilized during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  Also... Continue Reading
Article titled Congo Square

Congo Square

Originally called “Place des Nègres” and “Place Publique”, Congo Square is located inside Louis Armstrong Park of New Orleans, Louisiana.  This open space, north of the French Quarter, is situated in Faubourg Tremé, a community where... Continue Reading
Article titled Junius G. Groves

Junius G. Groves

“Even after all the fame, farmer Junius G. kept working hard, kept loving his rich dark earth – likening the furrows his plows churned up to ‘chocolate waves.’”        ~ Tonya Bold... Continue Reading
Article titled Wangarĩ Maathai

Wangarĩ Maathai

On April 1, 1940, in Ihithe, a small community in the Nyeri District of Kenya, a baby girl was born into the Muta family; her parents named her Wangarĩ Miriam.  Her name, “Wa-ngari” means, “She who belongs to the leopard”.  The �... Continue Reading
Article titled Melinda (1972)

Melinda (1972)

Set in Los Angeles, Melinda is primarily about Frankie J. Parker (Calvin Lockhart), a handsome, charismatic and popular disc jockey.  A confirmed bachelor and karate enthusiast, he is active in the Black community, even taking lessons at the local... Continue Reading
Article titled The Learning Tree (1969)

The Learning Tree (1969)

The Learning Tree is based upon the semi-autobiographical novel by acclaimed photographer, writer, director and composer, Gordon Parks.  The film shares the same name as Parks’ novel, which was published in 1963.  This coming of age fil... Continue Reading