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Article titled Kasi Lemmons

Kasi Lemmons

“Kasi’s very smart.  She’s brilliant and she’s a visionary, you know?  She always stretches the bounds of creativity with everything that she does.” ~ Terence Blanchard, Grammy Award-winning composer Karen “Kasi” Lemmons ... Continue Reading
Article titled Matty Rich

Matty Rich

“Matty has wonderful instincts, and that’s not a slight, that’s a compliment (to) someone who doesn’t have the breadth of experience or even the training …” ~ Paris Qualles, Screenwriter Born on November 26, 1971 in the Brook... Continue Reading
Article titled Walter Tull

Walter Tull

“And if there’s one player who badly deserves to become a household name, it’s Walter Tull – a trailblazer for Tottenham Hotspur, a Black British player who defied the ingrained bigotry of his day to win plaudits in football (soccer) AND be... Continue Reading
Article titled Hazel Johnson Brown

Hazel Johnson Brown

“Hazel Johnson’s accomplishments were diverse and noteworthy.” ~ Mary T. Sarnecky, author, Army Women’s Foundation On October 10, 1927 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a baby girl was born to Clarence L. and Garnett (née Henley) J... Continue Reading
Article titled Sonya Clark

Sonya Clark

“No matter her materials, Clark ‘braids’ and ‘twists’ associations, creating works with a distinctly emotional tensile strength.” ~ Leah Ollman,Art critic, L.A. Times Born in 1957 into a family of professionals and creatives, it w... Continue Reading
Article titled Hebru Brantley

Hebru Brantley

“For the last ten years, Brantley’s main character, FLYBOY, has appeared through various mediums and iterations, collaborations and merchandise … There has always been an element of mystery associated with the heroic Black wonder boy.  Howev... Continue Reading
Article titled Martin R. Delany

Martin R. Delany

“I thank God for making me a man, but Delany thanks Him for making him a Black man.” ~ Abolitionist, orator, author and statesman, Frederick Douglass On May 6, 1812, in Charles Town, Virginia (presently located... Continue Reading
Article titled Patricia Roberts Harris

Patricia Roberts Harris

“Patricia Roberts Harris is one of those quiet warriors whose life stands as a testament to excellence, tenacity, and commitment to change.” ~ National Museum of African American History & Culture On May 31, 1924, a baby girl ... Continue Reading
Article titled Morrie Turner

Morrie Turner

Morris Nolten Turner was born on December 11, 1923 in Oakland, California; he was the youngest of four children.  His parents, James and Nora Spears Turner, were devout Christians.  Highly active in rearing their children, a principle tha... Continue Reading
Article titled Jackie Ormes

Jackie Ormes

Named Zelda Maven, a baby girl was born to William and Mary (née Brown) Jackson on August 1, 1911 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  When she was only six years old, her father died in an automobile accident.  As a result, Zelda and her older... Continue Reading