“Jackie Taylor … rose from modest roots to become a distinguished director, producer, actress, educator, singer, playwright and theater founder.”

~ The Black Theater Ensemble

Jacqueline Elizabeth Taylor was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 10, 1951.  Called “Jackie” for short, she was reared by hardworking parents in the Cabrini Green housing complex.  She first showed her many talents in writing when she was just eight years old attending St. Joseph Elementary School.  Her creations of poems, stories and plays earned her accolades that cemented her desire to further develop her interests and skills, which included directing when she was just in seventh grade.

Excelling in what she felt was her calling, Jackie Taylor elected to remain in her home city where she matriculated Loyola University.  In 1973, she graduated from the private institution of higher learning with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater, with Education as her minor. 

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