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Article titled Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014)

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014)

In Spike Lee’s remake of the critically-acclaimed Black independent film, Ganja and Hess (1973), the storyline is centered upon Dr. Hess Green (Stephen Tyrone Williams) and his struggle with addiction.  However, in his instance, the substance he... Continue Reading
Article titled Ganja & Hess (1973)

Ganja & Hess (1973)

Ganja & Hess is a film about Dr. Hess Green (Duane Jones) and his struggle with addiction; in his instance, the substance he needs is blood because he is a vampire. A successful and wealthy African-American anthropologist, the focus of his r... Continue Reading
Article titled Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

Located at 191 Beale Street, the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum actually began as a research project of the Smithsonian Institution.  Situated within the FedExForum sports and entertainment complex, the purpose of this museum, according to its w... Continue Reading
Article titled Sonya Clark

Sonya Clark

“No matter her materials, Clark ‘braids’ and ‘twists’ associations, creating works with a distinctly emotional tensile strength.” ~ Leah Ollman,Art critic, L.A. Times Born in 1957 into a family of professionals and creatives, it w... Continue Reading
Article titled Hebru Brantley

Hebru Brantley

“For the last ten years, Brantley’s main character, FLYBOY, has appeared through various mediums and iterations, collaborations and merchandise … There has always been an element of mystery associated with the heroic Black wonder boy.  H... Continue Reading