Issue 4

Article titled Oscar Micheaux

Oscar Micheaux

Long before Reggie Hudlin, Kasi Lemmons, Robert Townsend, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, John Singleton, Mattty Rich, Ava DuVernay, husband-wife duo Reggie Rock Bythewood & Gina Prince Bythewood, and Spike Lee, there was Oscar Micheaux. A film di... Continue Reading
Article titled Julie Dash

Julie Dash

In 1991, Julie Dash made history when her groundbreaking film, Daughters of the Dust, became the first feature film directed by a Black woman to receive theatrical distribution in the United States.   Premiering at the Sundance Film Fe... Continue Reading
Article titled Trouble Man (1972)

Trouble Man (1972)

Starring: Robert Hooks, Paula Kelly, Paul Winfield and Ralph Waite Rated: R    Crime/Drama This film is about a character, simply known as “Mr. T.”, (Robert Hooks) a fearsome “fixer” of problems that plague the Black p... Continue Reading
Article titled St. Helena Island

St. Helena Island

When you think of the Low Country region in the United States, you readily envision the Sea Islands, areas along the southeastern coastlines of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  These islands, of which there are more than one hundred, are... Continue Reading
Article titled Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

The beauty and majesty of Africa are enchanting.  In Nairobi, Kenya, visitors may experience this enchantment at Giraffe Manor, an exclusive hotel that has been attracting lodgers since the 1930s, approximately four decades after Europeans beg... Continue Reading