Trouble Man (1972)

Rated R

This film is about a character, simply known as “Mr. T.”, (Robert Hooks) a fearsome “fixer” of problems that plague the Black people of the South Central community in Los Angeles.  A private eye, Mr. T.  is highly successful, as evidenced by the accommodating treatment he receives by many on both sides of the law.  His success is also shown by his accumulated material wealth, including a 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, 2-door hardtop; tailored clothing and a posh penthouse in an upscale high-rise building.

Mr. T. is hired by partners, Chalky Price (Paul Winfield) and Pete Cockrell (Ralph Waite), to protect their illegal gambling operation of dice games.  Their operation, moving from spot to spot, had been robbed by masked men several times.  Unable, for obvious reasons, to attain justice from the police, they seek assistance from Mr. T. to discover the source behind the stick-ups.  T, ever the businessman, accepts the assignment.  However, he is ignorant to the beef between his new employers and Big (Julius Harris), a kingpin and rival for territory that Chalky and Pete want for themselves.

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