Issue 10

Article titled Dead Presidents (1995)

Dead Presidents (1995)

On the heels of their first blockbuster film, Menace II Society, Albert and Allen Hughes co-wrote, directed and produced the crime drama, Dead Presidents (1993).  The film, primarily set in the Bronx borough of New York City, centers around t... Continue Reading
Article titled Jason’s Lyric (1994)

Jason’s Lyric (1994)

Set in Houston, Jason’s Lyric, centers upon the life of a young, African-American man, Jason Alexander (Allen Payne).  Caring, affable and responsible, Jason is dedicated to his mother, Gloria (Suzzanne Douglas), and his brother, Joshua (Bo... Continue Reading
Article titled The Whitney Plantation

The Whitney Plantation

Located in the St. John the Baptist Parish, the Whitney Plantation is, according to its website, “is the only plantation museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people.”  In the 100-plus years of history of its act... Continue Reading
Article titled Charles Hamilton Houston

Charles Hamilton Houston

On September 3, 1895, Charles Hamilton Houston was born in Washington, D.C., to William Le Pré Houston and Mary Houston (née Hamilton).  William, whose parents had been enslaved, had become an attorney and Mary worked as a seamstress.  ... Continue Reading
Article titled Pauli Murray

Pauli Murray

In Baltimore, Maryland, on November 20, 1910, a baby girl was born to William H. and Anne Fitzgerald Murray; they named her Anna Pauline Murray and she was called “Pauli” for short.  Her father, a graduate of Howard University, a historica... Continue Reading