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Article titled A.G. Gaston

A.G. Gaston

On July 4, 1892, a son was born to Tom and Rosa (née McDonald) Gaston in Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama; although named “Arthur George”, he would be later known as “A.G.”  As a small child, Arthur was reared by his paternal g... Continue Reading
Article titled Annie Turnbo Malone

Annie Turnbo Malone

On August 9, 1869, Robert and Isabella (née Cook) Turnbo welcomed the birth of their tenth child, Annie Minerva; she would be the second to the last of their eleven children.  Her parents, who had been enslaved in Kentucky, found freedom in M... Continue Reading
Article titled Just Wright (2010)

Just Wright (2010)

This film centers upon Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah), a physical therapist.  She and her god-sister, Morgan (Paula Patton), live together.  While both ladies are single, the more glamourous and shallow Morgan is constantly dating in order... Continue Reading
Article titled Roll, Bounce (2005)

Roll, Bounce (2005)

Set in Chicago, Illinois, Roll, Bounce occurs in 1978.  It is the story of teenager and avid roller-skater, Xavier “X” Smith (Bow Wow), attempting to adjust to the trials that accompany the transition into young adulthood.  Trying to ... Continue Reading
Article titled Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

After almost two decades of several attempts involving various missions, possible sites, alternate plans to attain necessary funding, different commissions and delayed political legislation, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum (MCRM) opened its doo... Continue Reading
Article titled Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

Celebrated as “Georgia’s Official Civil Rights Museum”, the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum is located at 460 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Savannah, Georgia.  Opening in 1996, the museum is named in honor of Rev. Dr. Ralph... Continue Reading