Issue 9

Article titled The Inkwell (1994)

The Inkwell (1994)

This title of this film is a moniker given to Town Beach in Oak Bluffs, the area populated by African-Americans at Martha’s Vineyard of the Cape Cod islands of Massachusetts.  The beach, frequented by Blacks since the late 1800s, was derisiv... Continue Reading
Article titled Sugar Hill (1994)

Sugar Hill (1994)

Sugar Hill is the story of two brothers, RayNathan (DeVaughn Nixon as a teen and Michael Wright as an adult) and Romello (Dulé Hill) as a teen and Wesley Snipes as an adult) Skuggs, and their life, highly influenced by drugs, in Harlem.  ... Continue Reading
Article titled African American Museum of Philadelphia

African American Museum of Philadelphia

With the mission that “brings diverse communities together in greater appreciation of the Black experience through the combined narrative of art culture and historical witness”, the African American Museum of Philadelphia is, according to its w... Continue Reading
Article titled Mary McLeod Bethune

Mary McLeod Bethune

On July 10, 1875, Mary Jane McLeod was born in Maysville, South Carolina to Samuel and Patsy McIntosh McLeod.  Her parents, having been enslaved, toiled in the cottonfields.  When the Civil War ended, her mother continued to work for the ... Continue Reading
Article titled Charles H. Wesley

Charles H. Wesley

On December 2, 1891, Charles Harris Wesley was born to Charles Snowden and Mathilda Harris Wesley in Louisville, Kentucky.  An exceptionally bright and industrious young man, he excelled in learning, to the extent that, in 1911, he graduated f... Continue Reading