“Throughout his legal and legislative journey, Dr. Boyd realized African American farmers needed a platform so their voices could be heard.”

~ Land O’Lakes statement at the National Black Farmers Association website

Born in New York City, New York on September 4, 1965, John Boyd, Jr. is a fourth generation farmer.  When he was in the ninth grade, his family moved to Mecklenburg County, Virginia, to assist their loved ones on the family farm.  Still maintaining his family’s land as well as his own, he grows corn, soybeans and wheat and raises cattle.  He has also grown tobacco and raised chickens.

Having received his formal education at Southside Virginia Community College and Clemson University, Boyd, Jr. knew he would continue to farm.  In “Farmer John Boyd Jr. Wants African-Americans To Reconnect With Farming” from All Things Considered at NPR, he shared that he grew up wanting to be a farmer, having seen both his grandfathers and father farm.  Training John in being a farmer, his father taught him that land ownership was a most valuable resource. 

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