Rated R

In this film, the titular character is called “Willie Dynamite” (Roscoe Orman) by those in the bustling, urban lifestyle he lives in the Manhattan borough of New York City.  His family, who lives in a rural community, simply calls him “Willie”.  They, excluding his mother, believe he works within the music industry.  His mother believes something more nefarious is at play and is unaccepting of the “gifts” he showers her with, as she knows they have been bought with ill-gotten gains.  Accordingly, she encourages him to return home, reconnect with God and live an honest life.

Working as a pimp, Willie Dynamite has a “stable”, or collection, of seven women.  Each of the women are of different ethnicities and they work as prostitutes for him.  Willie Dynamite is flashy with his wealth, from his customized orchid purple Cadillac with gold detailing to his fur-trimmed, brightly hued clothing, accompanied by matching hats.  A determined man, he manages his successful business in a highly systematic order to maximize his profits.

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