“Vashti Harrison is an award winning director who specializes in experimental cinema … Vashti is not only a passionate filmographer, she is also an extremely talented artist and illustrator …”

~ Carolyn Hinds, writer, Black Girl Nerds

Born in 1988 in Onley, Virginia, Vashti Harrison was talented and industrious as a child and young adult.  From early on, she was passionate about drawing and storytelling.  She graduated from the University of Virginia in 2010, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts.  Majoring in both Media Studies as well as Studio Art, Harrison’s foci were Cinematography and Film.  After graduating, she visited Trinidad for the first time.  This experience greatly informed and inspired her vision in filmmaking.

Returning to the United States, Harrison later relocated to the West Coast for graduate studies.  She matriculated the California Institute of Arts, a private art university in Santa Clarita.  Founded by Walt Disney, his older brother, Roy O. Disney, and Nelbert Chouinard, CalArts, as the institution, is called for short, is commonly referenced as the “Disney School of Animation”.  According to her biography at her website, vashtiharrison.com, she “snuck into the Animation Department to learn from Disney and DreamWorks legends.  There she rekindled a love for drawing and painting.”

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