Rated PG-13

Set primarily in Harlem, The Last Dragon is about Leroy Green (Taimak), a young Black martial artist who has dreams of becoming great, like his idol, kung fu master, Bruce Lee.  His dedication to his art and his admiration of Lee has led Leroy to often be called, “Bruce Leroy”.  Because he has risen to “The Last Dragon”, the ultimate level of accomplishment in his martial arts training, Master (Thomas Ikeda) advises him to seek the guidance from Master Sum Dum Goy.  Leroy, feeling comforted by a medal that was said to have been Bruce Lee’s, seeks to undertake this spiritual journey.  With this new master, Leroy hopes to manifest the inner energy, known as “The Glow”, that only a true master would be able to exhibit.

Unbeknownst to Leroy are several obstacles standing in the way of his progressing on his journey.  There is Sho’nuff Shogun (Julius J. Carey III), who views Leroy as the only hindrance to his becoming a true martial arts master.  Video arcade mogul, Eddie Arkadian (Christopher Murney), whose attempts to force business with 7th Heaven video jockey host, Laura Charles (Vanity), also distracts Leroy.  Another obstacle is the question of loyalty to and protection of loved ones.  Finally, the possibility of love with Laura could sway Leroy from his path.

Can he be what others want of him?  Or is becoming a true master most important? 

For greater enlightenment...