Rated PG

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh centers upon the struggles of a basketball team, the Pittsburgh Pythons.  They are owned by the Tilson Brothers, H.S. and Harvey (both roles played by Johnathan Winters), who are at odds about the team’s future because the Pythons have been on a tremendous losing streak.

Part of the losing streak is due to the lack of strong players and the other part is due to the extreme selfishness of its star player, Moses Guthrie (Julius “Dr. J” Erving).  Extremely arrogant, Guthrie is far from being a team player, which is exactly what is needed in order for the Pythons to improve.

Seeking a way that the team could reverse its failings, ball boy Tyrone Milliman (James Bond III) believes that astrology could help.  However, few, including Moses and Toby (Margaret Avery), Tyrone’s sister, are willing to believe in the theory of Tyrone.  The primary reason for their doubt is because he, as a fourteen-year old, is very naïve to the struggles of adult realities.

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