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Set during the late 1970s in a rural North Carolina town, Sister, Sister is the story of the three Lovejoy sisters, Carolyne (Diahann Carroll), Frieda (Rosalind Cash) and Sistina (Irene Cara).  Daughters of a supremely conservative pastor and Pullman porter, his influence has had differing impacts on each woman. 

For the oldest, Carolyne, “Papa” was an icon of piety and greatness, worthy of immense praise and reverence.  Middle child Frieda felt their father was oppressive and cruel.  Twenty-year old Sistina, who is called “Sissy”, has little memory of her father or mother, as both died when she was very young.  Much younger than her older two sisters, she was reared by Carolyne; Frieda, considered to be a “wild child” left their family home under suspicious circumstances.

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