Rated PG

Sheba Shayne (Pam Grier), a private detective, has to leave her business and partner in Chicago, Illinois to assist her father, Andy Shayne (Rudy Challenger) in her home city, Louisville, Kentucky.  Andy is an entrepreneur who owns his insurance company.  He is being threatened by local thugs commanded by mobster, Pilot (D’Urville Martin).  Pilot wants Andy to turn his business over to him.

Andy, who refuses to give up his business, doesn’t want his daughter involved.  However, she is equally adamant to protect him.  Assisting in her efforts is her former beau, Brick Williams (Austin Stoker), business partner to her father.  She, as a former policewoman, is warned by local law administrators about the dangers the Shayne family are facing.  Adding to the troubles are the demands of the “behind the scenes” boss, Shark (Dick Merrifield) for whom Pilot works. 

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