Rated PG

In the sequel to the award-winning hit motion picture, Blacula, this film opens with the impending death of Mama Loa, a dying priestess of vodoun.  Surrounded by members of her spiritual group, she, in one of her final acts, declares her successor.  Instead of selecting her biological son and “rightful” heir, Willis Daniels (Richard Lawson), Mama Loa declares her apprentice, Lisa Fortier (Pam Grier) to lead.

Deprived, Willis feels betrayed at being rejected by his mother and divine leader.  His thirst for vengeance and sense of entitlement leads him to Ragman (Bernie Hamilton), a local houngan who used to practice within his mother’s collective.  Willis purchases the bones of the African prince-turned-vampire, Mamuwalde (William Marshall), also known as “Blacula”.  Willis intends to utilize vodoun to resurrect Blacula in order to extract retributive justice.

After performing the resurrection ritual in their family mansion, Willis is soon bitten by Blacula.  Willis transforms to a submissive, under the direction of the former Black royal.  As a new vampire, Willis experiences two new harsh realities: a vain man, he can no longer see his physical appearance; and his plan to control Blacula for his advancement has, conversely, failed … and failed miserably.  His will to curse others who he slated for destruction actually led to his own downfall..

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