Paul R. Williams

On February 18, 1894, Paul Revere Williams was born to Chester and Lila Williams.  The family had recently relocated from Memphis to Los Angeles.  By the time that Paul had turned two years old, Chester had suffered and passed away from tuberculosis; Lila, battling the same illness, would pass away two years later.  At the age of four years old, Paul and his older brother, Chester, Jr. would be sent to live in different foster homes.

Paul was sent to the home of C.D. and Emily Clarkson, who were highly supportive, educationally and, later, artistically, of him.  He was the only African-American in his elementary school, but was exposed to a culturally ethnic population when he matriculated Polytechnic High School.  His love of art and drawing prompted a Clarkson family friend, who was involved in construction, to suggest that Williams also study geometry and physics in order to become involved in architecture.  Others, however, including a guidance counselor at his high school, discouraged him from that profession simply based upon his race.

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