Rated R

Starring: DMX, David Arquette, Reagan Gomez-Preston and Michael Ealy

Rated: R Crime, Thriller

Never Die Alone is the gritty tale about King David (DMX), a grimy but successful criminal who has left California to return to his home city on the East coast.  He is seeking to correct errors of his shady and corrupt past.  This correction includes settling up with Moon (Clifton Powell), a drug kingpin.

King David, the epitome of hyper-materialism, is flashy with his apparel and jewelry. Driving his custom and exclusive Stutz Blackhawk, he constantly speaks in an audio recorder, detailing various experiences of his life.  Not long after his arrival, he is able to use his connections to arrange a meeting with Moon to deliver a payment to him for an outstanding debt.

Moon sends one of his henchman, Mike (Michael Ealy), on the errand to retrieve the money from King David.  Mike appears to know of King David and Moon cautions him to be wise in dealing with David.  In preparing to meet the returned criminal, Moon brings along his sister, Ella (Drew Sidora) and best friend, Blue (Antwon Tanner).

Upon meeting with King David, things go sideways and chaos breaks out.  What follows turns more dangerous, involving even strangers, like Paul (David Arquette), a writer who is on the fringe of being fired.

Who will be left standing since the arrival of King David?  What is for true is that one should “never die alone”!

Based upon the best-selling, Blaxploitation novel of the same name by urban writing legend Donald Goines, Never Die Alone initially did not do well at the box office.  It received mixed reviews but Roger Ebert praised it in his column for the Chicago Sun-Times, giving the film three and one-half stars of four.  Significantly, DMX was lauded for his portrayal of the cold-hearted and devious King David.

However, the film soon did well, thanks to its release on DVD.  It has since built its own following, from those who are fans of Goines, ‘70s street literature, DMX or all three.

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