Located at Rue NG-34 in Ngor, northwest of Dakar, in Senegal, the Musée Boribana is the only museum in the country whose mission is centered upon modern African art. 

It was founded and curated in 1997 by acclaimed anthropologist, Boubacar Koné and his award-winning actress wife, CCH Pounder.  Beginning at the grassroots level, the Musée Boribana has two purposes: to support Senegalese artists and showcase artists of the Africa Diaspora.  Accordingly, the institution features works of local artists as well as those throughout the world, including Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica and the United States.

Since its opening in 2000, the Musée Boribana, has developed, beautifully presenting pieces from sculptures to textiles to its guests.  Writer Beetle Holloway in “10 Museums You Must Visit in Dakar, Senegal” for Culture Trip praised the institution, detailing, “Since then it has grown into an artistic residence and cultural space showcasing more than 400 works of art – from photographs and paintings to tapestries and statues – within its colorful walls and peaceful courtyard.”  Aside from its permanent exhibition that contains paintings and sculptures, there are African statues gracing the institution’s garden.

For more than a decade, the married couple traveled around the world, scouting up-and-coming artists to secure new pieces for exhibit.  In 2014, Koné and Pounder gifted the Musée Boribana to the Senegal government. 

Presently open to the public by request, the institution is an engaging site during the spectacular contemporary African art exhibition, Dakar Biennale.  Also known as Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain as well as Dak’Art, this extravaganza has celebrated contemporary African art every two years since its inception in 1996.