Rated R

Mr. Untouchable is a cinematic compilation of news footage and interviews, including with its titular lead, Leroy “Nicky” Barnes.  In the 1970s, Barnes was an African-American kingpin who reigned supreme over the trafficking of heroin in Harlem.  His rise was partially due to his connection with gangsters “Crazy” Joe Gallo, a member of the Colombo crime family, and Matthew Madonna, a heroin dealer for the Lucchese crime family.  Barnes became connected with them when he was convicted of dealing in 1965.

By 1972, Nicky Barnes created a coalition of seven African-American gangsters in Harlem.  This coalition was known as “The Council” and its members were Barnes, Joseph “Jazz” Hayden, Ishmael Muhammad, Frank James, Wallace Rice, Thomas “Gaps” Foreman and Guy Fisher.  It was developed to streamline the organization’s international trafficking and all that it comprised. 

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