Rated Not Rated

Starring: Holly Robinson Peete, Rick Fox, Jesse Moss and Karen Robinson

Rated: Not Rated Mystery

The Morning Show Mysteries series, set in Seattle, Washington, is about a successful chef and restaurateur, Belinda Blessings (Holly Robinson Peete).  Belinda, known as “Billie”, is also a food anchor who hosts a cooking segment on Wake Up, West Coast, a popular morning show.  Time and time again, she inadvertently finds herself involved with trying to solve crimes.

Her natural curiosity and sense of justice is further enhanced because her late father was a law enforcement administrator in their local police department.  However, Billie’s engagement in solving crimes puts her at odds with Detective Ian Jackson (Rick Fox).  Ian was trained by Billie’s father and is also her high school sweetheart.  Both are divorced and Ian has a young daughter.

Adding balance to Billie’s hectic life are her Aunt Cassie (Karen Robinson), the manager of Billie’s restaurant, Blessings Kitchen; Maurice (Greg Rogers), the head cook who was previously incarcerated; Phil (Jesse Moss), a producer on the show who often assists Billie in her informal investigations; and Lance (David Lewis), a co-host on the morning TV show.

Viewers of gentle mysteries and Hallmark movies are sure to love Morning Show Mysteries!

A creation of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, the Morning Show Mysteries is based upon the work of award-winning and legendary weatherman, television personality and author, Al Roker.  In his novels, Billie, is actually Billy, a man.  The fictional morning show that Billie works on was inspired by Home & Family, another show of Hallmark.

There are six mysteries in this series so far.  In sequential order, available in a collector’s boxset are “Mortal Mishaps”, “Murder on the Menu”, “A Murder on the Mind”, “Countdown to Murder” and “Death by Design”.  In 2021, Hallmark released a new film, “Murder Ever After”, in this cozy series.

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