“Although her life was short, Prosser was instrumental in assisting many Black students in obtaining funds for college and for graduate study.”

~ American Psychological Association

Though the exact location and year of her birth is unknown, it is generally accepted that Inez Beverly was born in the South Central region of Texas on December 30, 1895.  Her father, Samuel Andrew Beverly, worked as a waiter and her mother, Viola Beverly (nee Hamilton) was a homemaker.  In order to gain a more stable life that offered greater educational opportunities for their eleven children, Samuel and Viola relocated their family several times throughout Texas during Inez’s youth.  The Beverly children attended segregated schools in various towns such as Yoakum and Corpus Christie.  A stellar student, Inez graduated valedictorian of Yoakum Colored School in 1910.

Following her graduation, she matriculated Prairie View Normal and Industrial Institute (known as Prairie View A & M University) in Prairie View, Texas.  Two years later, she, again as valedictorian, graduated with her certificate in teaching.

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