Rated R

In this film, an African-American man who goes by the moniker of “Ghost Dog” (Forest Whitaker), works as an assassin for Louie (John Tormey).  Louis, an Italian member of the local branch of the Mafia, saved Ghost Dog when he was younger. 

Ghost Dog lives according to the rigid principles he studies in the Hagakure Kikigaki, a guide for a samurai. The content of this book was gleaned from the wisdom of Yamamoto Tsunetomo, an attendant to Nabeshima Mitsushige, a ruler in Japan during the early 1700s.  His life of isolation leads him to have little contact with others, excluding a young girl, Pearline (Camille Winbush), and best friend, Raymond (Isaach de Bankolé), an operator of an ice cream truck who speaks only French.  The only way that Louis can even contact him is through a carrier pigeon.

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