Rated Not Rated

This coming of age film centers upon the unique lead character, George Richardson (Donald Holden).  A quiet, reserved but bright and creative tween, he was born with an underdeveloped skull.  This malady renders him vulnerable physically and socially among his peers.  However, it does not hinder his drive to do and be great, hence, the nickname reference to the first president of the United States.

Set in a rural, economically-disadvantaged community in North Carolina, George becomes friends with Nasia (Candace Evanofski), a popular girl who has recently broken up with her beau, Buddy (Curtis Cotton III), leader of their small, ne’er-do-well posse.  When Buddy becomes aware of Nasia’s budding interest in George, he threateningly confronts the introverted boy.  When tragedy occurs, life for those children left alive will never be the same.

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