Rated R

Starring: Richard T. Jones, Blair Underwood, Chenoa Maxwell and Andre Royo

Rated: R Drama/Romance

Inspired by the novel, The Great Gatsby, authored by F. Scott Fitzgerald, G details the story of “Summer G” (Richard T. Jones) and Sky Townsend (Chenoa Maxwell).   

The film is primarily narrated by Tre (Andre Royo), a journalist who writes for a magazine devoted to urban music culture.  It opens with Tre visiting the Hamptons, a historically exclusive enclave for the wealthy and elite located on eastern Long Island’s Southfork.  He is there on assignment to secure an interview with Summer G, an elusive, self-made, hip hop mogul. “G” has recently purchased a home in the Hamptons and accompanying him is an entourage who obnoxiously make their presence known in the affluent and reserved community.

During his visit to the Hamptons, Tre stops by to see his cousin, Sky, and her husband, Chip (Blair Underwood), a millionaire who comes from generations of Black wealth.  After several stalls, Tre finally gets to meet with G but the interview goes nowhere until he inadvertently mentions his cousin, Sky.  When G hears her name, he promises to give Tre an exclusive interview if he would arrange a meeting between Summer G and Sky.

Tre, ultimately, agrees to setting up the meeting between the two, in order to get his story but, more so, because he does not care for how Chip constantly mistreats his cousin.  The rendezvous is set and it is revealed that not only did the pair know each other when they attended the Fashion Institute of Technology but they had been a couple.  Summer G and Sky finally meet after their last occasion ten years prior.

Will the two lovers be reunited for good?  Or will circumstances continue to keep them apart? You will have to see to find out!

G is an independent film that was written and directed by Christopher Scott Cherot.  It is the second film in which he and Maxwell have worked together, the first being his Hav Plenty, in which both starred.  The film was produced by Andrew Lauren, the son of esteemed American fashion designer Ralph Lauren; Andrew appeared in G as Adam Gordon, the agent of Summer G.

Shown in the independent film festival circuit, including at the 2002 Tribeca Film Festival and at the 2o02 Urbanworld Film Festival, G was named as an “Official Selection – Toronto International Film Festival”.  It would place as “Winner – Best Film” at the 2002 CineVegas International Film Festival as well as “Winner – Best Cinematography” at the 2002 Milan Film Festival. 

As an independent film, it did well in its limited run, prompting it to be released in theatres in autumn 2005.  G held its own, ranking #61 of 171 motion pictures total in “Yearly R Rated Films” of 2005, according to Box Office Mojo

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