Rated R

Friday Foster (Pam Grier) is a photographer for Glance, an urban magazine run by Monk Riley (Julius Harris).  On New Year’s Eve, Monk gets a tip that Black billionaire, Blake Tarr (Thalmus Rasulala), was covertly arriving in Washington, D.C. for a secret meeting.  After attempting to get in touch with his primary photographer, Shawn North (Stan Stratton), Monk reluctantly calls Friday.  Knowing her propensity for becoming involved in situations that she should not, Monk warns Friday to simply just take pictures.

Rushing to go to her assignment, Friday has to cancel attending the holiday party of her close friend, Cloris Boston (Rosalind Miles); both women used to model for couture designer, Madame Rena (Eartha Kitt).  The cancellation by Friday is distressing to Cloris, who is desperate to speak with her.

When Friday gains access to the private hangar to take photographs of Tarr, there is an assassination attempt made on his life.  After taking pictures of the attempt, she inadvertently bumps into the lead henchman, Yarbro (Carl Weathers); she, unknowingly, has captured him on film.

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