Rated R

Starring: Henry Brown, Marjorie Shears, Omari Hardwick and Tessa Thompson

Rated: R Drama/Action

Everyday Black Man is primarily about the present life of Moses Stanton, a reserved and conscientious proprietor of a neighborhood grocery.  Having a secretive and troubled past from which he has turned his life, he wants to be an asset to his Oakland community. 

His kindness extends to those often overlooked by society, including Sonny (Corey Jackson), his business partner who is mentally challenged; Ms. Mary (Marjorie Shears), an elderly friend; and Claire (Tessa Thompson), a shy and naïve teacher’s assistant.

Unfortunately, Moses’ kindness, such as giving away groceries to Ms. Mary and her granddaughter, Claire, always renders him in debt.  After being rejected for a bank loan, he is offered the money he needs from Malik (Omari Hardwick).  Malik, who purports to be a Black Muslim, is willing to gift sixty thousand dollars to Moses, a lapsed Christian.  The money is to be given in exchange for having his baked goods carried in Moses’ store.  Although he is hesitant about Malik, his true character and intent, a desperate Moses agrees to become partners with Malik.

Before long, life goes awry … can Moses, as an “everyday Black man”, do the seemingly impossible and rectify the damage he’s involved in before it destroys all he holds dears?  As the media promotional image states, “Sometimes doing good is not enough.”

Written and directed by Carmen Madden, Everyday Black Man won the Programmers Award for “Best Narrative” at the 2010 Pan African Film Festival.  The film, co-produced by Madden and Monte Schulz, also won “Best Feature” at the Peachtree International Film Festival in 2009 and “Best Feature” at the Tallahassee Film Festival in 2010.

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