CaribBeing is based within the Flatbush neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough in New York City.  It is, according to its website, a “thriving cultural organization that stands at the crossroads of film + art + culture … [that] spans contemporary culture and is a hub for creativity and collaborations with some of the Caribbean’s most visionary talent and innovative brands.” 

Founded in 2010 by Afro-Caribbean Shelley Vidia Worrell, it is located within the Little Caribbean community.  Having been reared in this area since childhood, Worrell wanted to preserve and promote the extensive creations and contributions of fellow Caribbeans, especially Afro-Caribbeans.

The work of CaribBeing ranges from active involvement in community activities, such as West Indian American Day Parade, to developing a film series and curating art exhibitions.  One of these exhibits was Life with Basquiat, which featured photographs of the young Haitian artist captured on film by Alexis Adler.  It was housed in a revamped shipping container and hosted at the Brooklyn Museum.

The connectedness that the quadragenarian Worrell at CaribBeing nurtures includes mentoring.  These persons are both secondary school and university students, including those in graduate school.  Being a Black female business owner, she is especially proud to mentor others of Caribbean descent and people of color. 

The outreach of CaribBeing includes supporting local businesses and services of Caribbeaners.  These include artisans, bakers, markets, performers, restaurants and significant sites.  It also provides guided culinary and cultural tours bi-monthly as well as by appointment. 

As a principal provider and supporter of authentic Caribbean culture worldwide, it strives to extend its outreach even more.  With this extension, CaribBeing will “converge culture with content and commerce.”

CaribBeing also has an active digital presence which includes social media and their website.  On it, Caribbean fare, such as gift boxes, apparel, totes and art, may be purchased.  Also available are items in salute to its beloved borough.

Patrons of CaribBeing are sure to love the work of this unique cultural organization, which is proudly “MADE IN BROOKLYN.100% CARIBBEAN. BLACK OWNED”!