“Black music is such a reflection of what is going on in Black life …”

                                                                                         ~ Mos Def

On this list, let your body musically travel to other parts of the world, Jamaica and the United Kingdom included, and groove on.   Whether its Afro-pop, reggae, jazz fusion or soul R & B, I’m confident that you will enjoy these tracks!

  1. “Drogba (Joanna)”[Explicit] – Afro B
  2. “Turiya and Ramakrishna” – Alice Coltrane
  3. “Now I Know” – Stephen Marley
  4. “Free (Official Audio)” – Ultra Naté
  5. “Come Live with Me, Angel” – Marvin Gaye
  6. “Curious” – Midnight Star
  7. “What’s On Your Mind” – Eric B & Rakim

    “Drogba (Joanna)”[Explicit] - Afro B

    “Turiya and Ramakrishna” - Alice Coltrane

    “Now I Know” - Stephen Marley

    “Free (Official Audio)” - Ultra Naté

    “Come Live with Me

    Angel” - Marvin Gaye

    “Curious” - Midnight Star

    “What’s On Your Mind” - Eric B & Rakim

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