As one in a collective of five museums at two locations in St. Joseph, Missouri, the Black Archives Museum educates and inspires guests with its focus on and celebration of the city’s African-American residents.  Its scope extends from the antebellum and Civil War period to post-Civil Rights Movement.  Both popular persons, such as St. Joseph native, jazz legend Coleman Hawkins, and local leaders in the community are recognized.

In the article, “Museum Day” on St. Joseph Museums, Inc. at Smithsonian Magazine, the author jubilantly relays, “A fascinating adventure into an exciting display of history awaits you at the St. Joseph Museums.  Located 30 minutes from the Kansas City, Missouri, airport, the St. Joseph Museums offer a full schedule of award-winning exhibits that will stir new thoughts and observations about the shaping of history in the Midwest and across the country.  You’ll learn unique stories, enjoy unusual visual art, and gain new insight into a variety of areas.