Rated R

Directed by Hype Williams, Belly is set in Queens, New York.  It’s the last year of the 20th century and the film centers upon the paths of Sincere (Nas) and Buns (DMX) and their life of crime.  Having one of the most memorable opening scenes in contemporary urban film culture, it starts with Buns, leading Sincere and two other crew members, Black (Jay Black) and Mark (Hassan Johnson), in a brutal robbery, and accompanying murders, inside a nightclub.  Buns’ leadership in illicit activities continues as Sincere’s sense of regret begins to mount.  His desire for a more safe and stable life is greatly influenced by his girlfriend, Tionne (T-Boz) and their newborn daughter, Kenya.

Seeking to expand into selling heroin, Buns makes a deal with Ox, a Jamaican druglord.  Ox agrees to working with Buns but with the caveat that Buns is in debt with him and it is to be settled in the near future.

With the new supply of heroin, Buns and his crew begin to traffic in a territory of Omaha, Nebraska; however, that territory belongs to a dealer, Rico (Tyrin Turner).  Conflict between the leaders occurs and Buns seeks refuge in Jamaica, where Ox calls in his marker for aiding Buns’ entry into the drug trade.  As Buns tries to stay two steps away from being caught, Sincere is plotting to leave hustling altogether.  He wants to move his family to Africa, planning on leaving New Year’s Day.  Will each be able to gain the life they seek?  Or will karma be their ultimate destiny?  Viewers will be tuned in to see how it turns out for each man and those affiliated with them!

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